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November News from our new digs!

It's official! After years of saying: "one day I will do this professionally"...I've taken the plunge and moved into commercial kitchen space. I can't believe how much fun I am having! The days are filled with hard work and hours of standing on my feet , sometimes for six hours straight...but I love, love, love what I do! I love seeing the looks on my customers' faces when they pick up their orders. There is nothing more satisfying than creating things that make people happy.

What sets PieceA'CakeConfections apart from the rest of the pack of "cupcake" shops, wedding cake creators and bakeries? The answer is


1. We create strictly kosher, non-dairy (pareve) desserts using only the finest ingredients and no preservatives. Our desserts don't last long (because they are usually devoured quickly!), but also because they are made to order, not mass produced.

2. We study all trends in the industry and bring fresh new ideas into our arena...we are not afraid to try new recipes, try new concepts - like mini or bite-sized desserts - pies, cake pops, and our latest addition - PUSH POPS, the hottest new dessert idea in NYC!

I am constantly learning and adding new expertise to my expanding repertoire and I want to share it with you. Please give us a chance to

make you happy and add sweets and sweetness to your upcoming event.

Enjoy every minute of November!


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