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A warm thank you and a "mission statement"

Lots of wonderful things in my life to be thankful for...a beautiful new granddaughter born the end of March and a family that surrounds me with support and love, especially in this exciting and creative new chapter in my life.

Thank you to all of the customers who have made these past few months so fulfilling. After years and years of talking about opening a dessert business, I finally took the plunge and it is sooooo worth it!! I love every minute of creating new and delicious treats and sweets for people and I look forward to continuing to fill orders for and bring smiles to new and existing patrons. My goal is to not only create desserts which are delicious and special to taste, but to make those desserts beautiful for the eyes as well. Each piece I create has to aesthetically please me before I bring it to the client. I take great pride in "stepping out of the box" to use cake and sweets as art media for your event. The Dessert Sushi continues to receive rave reviews from clients for its ingenuity and true-to-life really does look like the real deal, but it is totally composed of cake and candy.

Although we are closed for baking the next two weeks, we will be taking orders for Mother's Day, Graduations, Birthdays, Engagement parties, Weddings, or any other event of your choosing.

Our promise to you is to work with you to make your vision a reality! We look forward to "SWEET DREAMS" with you for many years to come!!

Happy holidays to all.....



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