PIECE A' CAKE! confections - ..the stuff that dreams are made of...
Is it really a.........?

Cake for a 40 year old man's surprise party:

Barbecue grill with burgers, hot dogs, steak,
corn on the cob, watermelon, toasted "buns",
bottle of ketchup, a burger sandwich, a
bottle of Scotch, a deck of cards

A Groom's Cake:
 A burger with all the fixings, with "fries" ketchup and mustard packs, napkin on a checkered tablecloth....all are edible!!

An Apple Pie?  No...An apple cake baked
in a pie plate and covered in fondant

A vegetable garden for a 30 year old' avid gardener's birthday...

Vegetable garden cake for the avid gardener in your life:  Chocolate cake V
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